Soul Gourmet Fudge

The Begining

My fudge started out as an idea, the idea to break the rules and be innovative. I wanted to make a fudge without condensed milk, I was told by people that it is impossible and it will never work. Here I am 25 years later...

Test batch #1 failed miserably, wasn't the right texture, taste, everything was wrong. I tried and tried over and over again I think i reached batch 100 or something I lost count. One day, I got the fudge to set but, it was like toffee, befuddled, I looked over my ingredients and I changed the amount of my setting agent. BOOM, just like that it was less like the toffee batch.

"Slow and steady wins the race"

A few years later I made the first proper batch of Soul Gourmet Fudge, First batch was sold after a few grueling weeks of persuading the weary customers. Then the stores around my neighbourhood, the from there it sky-rocketed. I could not keep up with the orders, 2000 pieces a month, my fudge was a hit, after it was said to be impossible.